I hate being sick. I can't even breath properly. What worst is you suddenly get stalk and even though you are like freakingly sick you have to run for all of your might until you reach your doorstep.

24th of jan. Bad Day. X Realease of 'O' level results. Seeing the previous batch of sec 5 taking their results I can imagaine how would it be for me. Not making it to poly and wasting another year in Sec 5. Failing 'O' Level esp. Maths and going to ITE. No distinction for Poa. How bad can that be. I definetly don't want see myself and the whole sec 5 cohot in this position.
N2, N1 we can make it!!! X)

25th of jan couldn't go online ytd. was super sick and fever. but just want to say something to ichiban. You're everything everything that I wanted(:


Credits are to the person i took it from XD

Show for the day: Kisarazu Cat Eye. Meow~~

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