Arashi Survey

Got this survey from Arashi.groups.vox

1. What's the best body part of [insert Arashi member's name here]?
- Ri-da hand
- Sho Chipmunk teeth (Is it even a body part? Whatever. LOL)
- Aiba Eyes(:
- Nino Forever-looking 17 face
- Jun Collarbone

2. If you were rejected after confessing to the one you like out of the five, who would be the first one you turn to for comfort?

Hmm! If i get rejected by Sho-kun?
Ohno for his silent mood. Just letting me complain, cry, scream then asking me to go for a drink. I like that ^^
Aiba and his genkiness. He won't let me cry i think..
Nino with his musical talent. Hope he find inspiration from me. XD
Jun. I hope he doesn't behave like Domyouji Tsukasa.

3. If you can pick any career that'll get you as close to the boys as possible, what would it be?

Definetly their manager or their vocal teacher. Manager isn't it the closest job to be with the guys(:

4. You accidentally called the wrong number and somehow, you got one of the boys on the other end instead! Who would be on the other end and what would be the first thing you say?

I hope it end up being Sho or Aiba.

Guess I will tell Sho. Sho i need your brain or help in my exams. Maybe tutor in Geog. But i think he won't pick up an annoymous call.

Hmm.. Aiba. Guess i will order from him some chinese dish from his family restaurant. Or maybe ask him when his coming to Singapore for fliming for TSD again.

5. If you were to get along with a member of one of the boys' families, who would it be and why?

Sho or Ohno

Sho's sister, Mai-chan. I guess she would be dear to hang out with. Girls what do you expect? Shopping.

Ohno's okasan. Their closeness and I don't mind playing games with her. & lets rock on to Justin Timberlake song.

6. If there's any part of you that you'd like to fix for [insert Arashi member's name here], what would it be and why?

Improving in Japanese so I can communicate with them. But i don't mind hearing Aiba saying Danger Danger & Don't worry

7. You've been dating [insert Arashi member's name here] for two months and everything's going great, but what would be the first thing that'll probably annoy you about him?

Jun, I guess.
His Do-s. I definetly would hate him if he annoys me like Do-s.
I'm sorry Jun

8. If you get to learn one skill from one of the boys, what would it be and why?

-Ohno's Clayart
- Sho's hardworkingness towards studying
- Aiba's Golf
- Nino's videogaming
- Jun's Horseback Riding

9. If you were to pick a location for a honeymoon with one of the boys, where would it be?

Hawaii i would pick. Isn't it where they debut. Going back to where they belong.

10. Last one, if you have kids with [insert Arashi member's name here], what would their names be?

I'm so gonna name my daughter Nikko even if they object. But for the sons it's up to them. Sakurai XXX(:

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