Konbawa Guys(:
Here to write a decent post, HAHAH XD. All of my posts are decent one(: LOL

Japanese Lesson;
Cambridge finally called(: YATTA!!! BUT they called at the wrong time): During English Lesson, i want to know what they say, BUT Germaine anwered the phone. Classes are starting this saturday. YATTA!!! BUT my next satuday, third day of chinese new year is gone): BUT at least I'm happy.

Guys, i just sux in maths OR maybe i don't listen in class. I love Mr Toh but the problem is it's just too bored): Pathetic isn't it. I guess the only way is turn around to talk to Ronny and Korean guy and also Bryan Tay. But at least i knew how to do half of my maths paper. Factorization

I love watching Johnny Countdown all over agian. I have my reasons for doing this.

Ohno solo is Hachi no Uta(: Everybody say love love love~~
Ohno wierd looking face
Arashi hosting
(Sorry to jun wifey) Jun wierd looking moves
Toma is in it
Nino & Yamap touching each other face
Tego & Sho best friend rabu rabu
Kokobun Taichi
Hey! Say! Jump. Okay, I admit its Takaki Yuya & Chinen Yuri
The very pretty tokyo dome (It's lovely right?)
Ohno or Jun 2008 Specs
Jun Johnny Deep Specs
NewS singing weeeek
Maru beatbox in Pikanchi
The ten years countdown since 1998
because it features arashi debut in 1999
Koichi birthday is on 1st Jan
Koichi being Kiss

Inohara & Tsuyoshi dance
Best Hit meledy with Keep the faith, Love so sweet, Samurai & so on..
Sho making his mistake(:
Ryo & Jin singing Seishun Amigo
Tons of people singing Daite Senorita
Arashi combined with V6 singing Kisazura Cat Eye theme song
Everybody loving Kitto Daijobu
The very big dragon
yamap flying Kiss
the throwing board session

I feel myself being hentai ):I can't believe i found 29 of the reasons(: JOHNNY COUNTDOWN ROX BIG TIME

Credits are not mine for the gifs

so i got this from sumoboy livejournal(:

Kikuchi Momoko's six year daughter wrote a letter to Nino. Previously, the only person she wanted to marry was her father. Then she decided that she wanted to marry nino.

So she wrote him a letter and handed it to her mom to hand it to nino on the show:'Thank you for inviting me to the concert. Please change your hairstyle. You look more handsome with short hair. If you cut your hair, you will look the most handsome. I want to marry you. Because you did not change your hairstyle, now I like Sakurai-kun!!'

& Yes his going to cut his hair(:

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