today is a bad and good day. i was sick since ytd i suppose after came back frm Anglican High Concert had running nose till morning use finish the whole NEW tissue box. but really want to

THX WEISENG for accompanying me the whole night(:
he shwed me some criss angel video it was funny when he said u will go crazy man cos criss angel was floating in the air but i was at mi Dan fei bi jiao hong(: Zhu;Zong;Gui. Da jia hao wo shi wang you.(translation: hi everybody i am dead) Aiyo !! they are the funniest person i see.WE LOVE THEM! really want to..,
pss: tmr i wont be bloggin. wont be at hm the whole day
SCHEDULE: meeting weiseng at 9 to go for service den after service meeting vanessa and peeps to go watch DEATH NOTE (didnt get to catch it with germaine they all today) den maybe meeting kirstie; shirin; annabel to watch fireworks and go countdown(: its 2007(x will be stopping at macdonald until the morning den going back home(: early in the morning. and on mon i will rush to do finish mi h/w =.=
ending with a big smile.(:
1 more day to 2007(:


Anglican High concert was nice. they played High School Musical haha it was nice.
Tmr will be the most confusing day in mi life whether to choose this or that.(sorri its a secret) that will be nice and meaningful but this is fun.
i love eating my Lollipop.(:
for some reason things really don work out the way i want.
2 Days to 2007(x
ending it with a big smile((:
Hey peeps. YES! before u knew it liting is back to o2jam. it actually took me abt half and hour to download it.
new blog means a new beginning.
pls visit mii webby :
its 4:49am on a FRI morn.
yes and i have to go sch tmr and i want SHOPPING. band start at 9. don think i am going to sleep. and tmr is ANGLICAN HIGH CONCERT at SCH. do u think i will be slping in the concert hall during the concert cos it will be so comfortable.still rmbr MUS ART CONCERT. the pianinst. haha. maybe got to catch some slpp today afternoon. i need shopping.Chinese New Year is coming soon that means arrival of NEW CLOTHES! rejoice !!!!!!. poor yvonne have to rush her work by today. i will support u.
yes and liting do love all of you
2007: 3 more day(:
ending with a big smile(:
hehe.new blog.
qing ni gen wo zhe yang zuo.(: