hellooooooooooooo :)
cant wait for saturday 030307

there gonna be so many people so await.
& i will be so awaiting for wedding dinners

heard from micheal that zhiyong is coming back(:

okay yenting & mr Y going

& micheal & midy going

& paul &

& mario & ???

& priscillar & ...

& liting & ...

& jerry & ...


this is wad glenn did thr photoshoping


there are finally new photos to post

THX to GLENN. (:

me vonne tong the last day before vonne went for china(:
going to burn the midnight oil o study for SS and GEOG AGAIN.
okay this one is during last friday
combined CG+ justin & maurice Burfdae
we were there to celb reunion dinner as a big family

maurice & the birthday cake.

justin & the birthday cake

both of them with the birthday cake :D

humongous homemade birthday cake made by vanessa mother.
gonna post the pictues we took during CNY.
MAURICE house. :D

group photo. (:
look at all the goodies. yum.!!
GLENN house :D

momo (:

glenn (:
this wasnt taken in glenn house bcos we FORGOT....
TONG house :D

yvonne (:

tong (:

group photo(:

TER house :D

group photo 1(:

group photo 2(:

SEAH JING house :D


this gonna be a messy one.
bear with it.

been thinking abt some serious stuff .
i don know whether is it i need help or whatever.
things been going through mi mind.
this not the beginning but the ending
thought about something usefull

poa GONNA fail.
the whole class could not balance.
or should i just say ALMOST!!

happy :)))))))))))))))))))))
found mi PEACE in daddy god.!!!!
his the BEST OF BEST

okay damn it.
i had a quarrel with him.
seriously i don noe what he is thinking.
we are having quarrels for the past few day.
GRR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

theres like Chinese CT tmr.
who needs to study for chinese.
note: studying for chinese will make you WORSE!!!
its base on general knowledge.

i am SERIOUSLY gonna write a long post !!

okay i'm serious about the things i told Natalie.
i wanna him to be the one that made me forget HIM.
is it possible ?
told grace about it.
she suddenly said the THREE NAMES!!!
the headache names.
i treat them as normal friends.
juztin & kean know about the secret guy.
hope they jux don spread.
if just somebody know abt it.
they both are in totally BIG trouble.

march is coming very soon.
i haven save enuf money.
oh no !!!!!!!!!!!
promise to get wangliang a billabong pencil box.!!!
oh dear !!!!!!!!!!
i want to make sure he get me a present back !!!


liugenhong came mi church.
he bought this cute guy with him and he look like gary.
and this shuai guy his a composer.

kenneth xiao didi. the difference of what 8 days can do.

eugene mii dearest cgm.

tianfu.the muscle man.
where all the muscle gone to.

feeling a bit sad yvonne gonaa fly off today to shanghai for her attachment.
gonna miss her for this 2 mths.
so awaiting for that day to come.........................


tmrrrr is the day!!
230207. the steamboat day. woot! :D
school today was okay.
just worried abt tmr test.
cant seem to absorb it. POA i am scared.
school was aas usual.
note: don like eat cornetto.
don eat vanilla
* sighs *


visitation daY =)
it was funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn & wonderfulllllllllllllllllll.
was supposed to meet at sembawang at 10:30.
was late !!!.
reason for being late: woke up late rush down mum asked me to take cab so take in the end went to serangoon so confused was looking & where was it so decided to ask seah she told me at red line so quickly rush down oh no waste mi $11.50. But seah was late too so haha. the whole gang was waiting for us. But in the end tong and vonne was still sleeping. was a bit happy that i was not the latest.
so we went maurice hse the walking journey was long.
watch the taiwan 2007 countdown again.
den glenn came out with the new thing.
which was every house we go tk pic.which i tink was quite fun.
spend a short time there cos maurice was sick.
hope his okay now.
nxt was glenn hse.
i love momo he like so cute.
i nvr miss hua yang manage to watch it at glenn hse.
& every hse we went there was the starhub thing.
spend the longest time there cos of the pizza.
in the end we didnt took pic at glenn hse.
nxt was tong hse.
went j8 buy th XXL chicken was quite nice.
tong hse is nice.
watch paul, norman, ter play pool.
we took pics on the staircase.
watch paul, norman, ter play pool.
& in one pic i look i as like hugging paul which was NOT.
nxt was ter.
they played cheat there.
then took a taxi to seah hse.
everybody leg was aching.
seah mother cook bee hoon and chicken for us it was nice.
play blackjack with nuts haha.
me & huijuan were the winner based on the nuts we collected most.
left her hse at 10.
pics will be uploaded tmr .


just follow law was nice & funny.
joshua fav person was lim teck zui.
yenting was muthu.
mine was of cos xiao mei.
came back played monopoly again.
jacob,jerry, micheal, joshua & me.
now was jacob, jerry & me combine which micheal & joshua combine.
in the end they game ended halfway.
played in btwn which was a fun game.
yenting boyfriend came.
first time saw him.(met a new fren :D; don noe the name.* will be called Y for the moment)
heard frm Y that it was a curse game. quite strange.
after dinner was aunt karen, uncle patrick, joshua, jacob & me.
the stakes was so high then it went up to $60++ nobody dare to play.
so onli left yenting, jerry, joshua, jacob, & Y.
jacob keep on losing while everybody keep on winning.
he was so angry.
the sky turn black so we wanted to play monopoly.
Now there was mindy, yenting, Y, jacob, jerry & me.
jerry, jacob & me combined while yenting, Y, mindy combine.
but in the end we win. they could not buy any houses but we bought alot hotel.
then sparkles. jerry made a big fire not big enough to burn smth down.
den nobody clear the mess.
out of boredom mindy,jerry & me played mahjong. i onlii win one time which was the last round but mindy win none cos there was onli 5 games.
cant wait for tmr!!
zemin created a feilunhai blog it was nice.
thx zemin. *dadong rox*
first day of chinese new year was fun.
i was better then the rest at least i no need go out.
i wore mi white shirt. reaching perfection.
collected $94.
i can finally go buy mi feilunhai planner.
i luv feilunhai. wheeeeeeeeeeeet.
we had fun playing monopoly today.
there was mindy, jacob, yenting, leonard, joshua and me.
we had to follow the jacob law which was NOT fair.
joshua gave up halfway pass all his things to jeremy.
in the end leonard and jerry combined while micheal and me combined.
there was no winner the game started to became more and more bored.
then we played sparkles and the noisy one.
there was so many smoke and jerry burnt plastic how bad can he be.
didnt manage to watch follow the law today cos of yenting she had to go her aunt house so we postpone till mon morning at 10:40am which was the first show.
th tues planning is out so excited :D
first we go maurci hse then glenn then tong then ter then seah jing.
hhaaha more angbao to collect and i can be the things i want buy.
thinking on what should i wear.
tmr is sparkles and cards and more food.


reunion dinner was fun.
but was a bit bored during the starting.
yenting nail paint mi last left finger with a blue flower it was nice.
we had so much seafood to eat.
ah ling yiyi wanted us to go watch follow the law with her tmr.
she was a BIG fan of fann wong.
had sparkles playing with joshua and jacob we played 4 sound sparkles.
it was loud and really air pollution.
did so many video-taking with them.
learn a new phrase: gambling can kill.
took so many things.


1 more day to chinese new year(:
had church service on thursday. which mean today don hv.
church service on thurs was fun. :D
went for both.
i brought my belgium chocalate there.
there was only 5. so sad.
tong, paul, maurice, weiseng, ter, me ate.
weiseng and ter shared they were so sweet!
pst derrick really a preached a nice msg on relationship.
there was no band yesterday.
bluetooth 5 songs to my phone ytd,
from sylvia, zemin, paul.
went to city plaza with kirstie, her mother, sister.
had to do 2 essays and 2 compre given by ms shiow.
but the guys went on a debate with her.
it was no use she love to say back.
in the end something bad happen.
so we had to do reflection instead on the essays and compre.
i don wan go =x


okay i decided to paste some pictures. i think its been quite old from the other blog i have but its deleted. i am in school now.

ps. u are wondering whr i gt mi picture from but i bought my thumbdrive to school cos of FnN.

dearest vanessa

dearest tong


Mad Junior Wanping and Mad Senior Liting

Phew. This week was really tough on me. !!!
Shall not say on those unhappy things..
went to mus art concert on sat it was a really great night for me. Wanping and me took neos but before that we went to "take" present (i tink those who know will know what i mean) we took something nice real nice and real cheap. Went to eat mos burger can’t believe that it was the first time for wanping eating mos burger. Went to pasir ris control station and waited for deon; joanne; angus and they were VERY late but angus was the latest so he had to carry our bags for us.
When we reach there, wanping and me were like saying who and who handsome. Spotted a few haha especially him(you all should know who I am talking about not the trumpet one) okay I saw weird weird guy he was really funny started telling wanping and she seriously laughed like mad. Then we finally thought about something. It really makes us laughed like mad. Before the 2nd half, joanne wanping and me wanted to shout johnathan but haha we were just to shy and more embarrassed after we shout.

juniors finally got their things settled. Bass Clarinet jr FIONA; Bassoon jr Wei Xuan.
Fiona was actually Jin Yang classmate. Yeah the new peeps are great. She finally know how to play on the mouthpiece she is really on fast learner.