went out with mum to simei
& got camp stuff.
bought this from coax.
its a shirt with necklace.

this one was from 101 station.

chinen yuri from Hey! Say! Jump.
Ohno's love.
totally away from my topic

tmr is singing competition
nxt mon is Breakaway camp.


Happy Birthday to Alien Xiao Gui
28th Nov 2007
watch Bratz ytd with Germaine & Grace.
i recognize the girl from High School Musical 2.
went to vivo watch.
After that did some window shopping.
is it that hard to find retro things?
tmr going shopping with mum for camp things
while she get her things for genting
m.b tmr if i see some retro stuff getting it
but i really want that one from marina sq.
can't wait for Breakaway camp. Night activities are gonna be so exciting
x'mas is coming.
aiba's birthdya is coming
x'mas party is coming.
esther can i go ure hse before the party?


i can't believe this
i suddenly want to dream of Arashi
esp. getting to know Sho

Talking abt dreams.
i actually had a dream of Arashi both on thurs & sun.
mostly was aiba. due to my sudden liking in aiba
i don't really rmbr thurs dream but i rmbr sun dream.

Sun Dream:
I have a friend who works at night safari.
he knew i was like a total Arashi fan girl
so he told me that tmr ppl from tensai Shimura Dobutsen would come to see the zoo.
i was like so excited even if i'm not too sure it was aiba or not
so i when to night safari the next day
& guess what! it wasn't aiba only but all the Arashi members were in there as guests.
OMG. i totally can't belive it Arashi in front of me.
Since my friend was the tour guide for them i got to follow him
After that they told us to come to their hotel & look for them the next day cos they want to treat us for lunch.
of cos i agreed
On the day of lunch, we were enjoying our steak and wine.
aiba said i was really cute. (but its a dream we all know that) my heart was thumping super fast. even though i wasnt a aiba fan girl. & he had this killer smile on him. i could faint there.
i told them of hw much Singaporeans love arashi and would buy anything no matter how ex it is.
& they promised me that they will come to singapore for a concert and i would have the vip sit & backstage pass.
so i took a picture with them before me & my friend leave.

so thats how my dream was. hope i can have another of this dream again.


Pics of Arashi(:
credits are to people i got them from

Arashi no shukudai-kun screencaps :D

ohmiya Sk on the go

OhnoXJun :D
Magazines :D
Jun. i want the Hana Yori Dango movie quickly come out.
Nino with new hairstyle. He look good with it.
Aiba with his new hairstyle. i love this one the most out of all his hairstyles
Sho with new hairstyle. He look so handsome. i'm being biased
Ohno. Doesn't his hairstyle change. I want see Ohno pluffy hair!
Since its his birthday today i shall post one more of his kawaii look.
Happy 27th Birthday! Oh-chan.
We love you Leader. Without you arashi isn't the same(:
the next one is Aiba-kun isn't it.
Rmbr ppl Dec 24 is not x'mas Eve but Aiba's Birthday


Scenes from enchanted

this is not exactly from enchanted but a song i really like

Carrie Underwood Music Video "Ever Ever After" from the movie enchanted.


seeing how nino can get so addicted to a famicom
i need one.(: don't they look lovely
went to watch enchanted with germaine, kirstie, tong yee, natalie, benny & shaun
i am dreaming of a true love kiss :D
it's like fantasy. a prince charming(:
though sometimes they annoy u but u just fall in love with them.
storybooks fantasy

All i could Say is thank to you all for the EARLY birthday present
so today me & tong yee got early birthday present
tong yee got Hei Tang Ma Qi Duo Book
& guess what i got :D
Xiao Gui Book- Gao Se Me Gui
Thx Germaine for giving the idea & kirstie for paying in advance
& thx shaun for helping me buy the Tv book :D
T&T with koichi
my first Jap magazine don't they rock

i want a famicom(:
i'll post more when i'm back
i totally have to thx Arashi (:
& also those who sub this.
Arigato Gozaimus.
Although this was so long ago.
i post this according to my fav
so gomen ne nino


this just make me laugh straight for 1 hr(:

Yi Zhi Du Xiu - Xiao Zhu

Jie Guo Lei- Da Zui Ba



my Sho Love Story is finally finished.
Happy :D
i told grace abt it and she is like Print for me print for me!
Nana and Sho got married with 2 kids. how nice is that.(:
now showing angus for english mistake
since i treat him as a english pro
i need to thank the classic
i trying to get inspiration from volcano high and the x-family
ccos i want to write abt a family with special powers
instead of me writing romance novels for the past few days.

Inspiration here i come

big headache ):
Its super cold now(:
7:02am in the morning & i never sleep the whole night

Believe it or not i wrote a love story the whole night
i wasted 2hrs on it not knowing whr to start or how to continue
Inspiration: The classic
its such a nice movie that i have so much inspiration from them
i am beginning to like writing love story
so much inspiration but knowing whr to start
i love my first Love story so much even though its not abt arashi

so my love story was abt sho.
i'm biased but i will write one for every member
i have ideas but not knowing whr to start

back to sho love story!
the idea is abt the same as The classic but the way ppl react are totally diff
if u all watch the classic u shld know the love story between the 2 generation
like the classic the female lead mother with the male lead father
same as my story
but the only diff is that the male lead father was a japanese who studied in Singapore
forcing them not to be married
for the younger generation, the bad girl was not bad at all instead she gave up on the male lead a long time ago
i used JE & arashi & Keio U as the main thing
& i love happy ending so much that even the fans that love Sho so much wanted them to be happy
their wedding dates was on Jan 4( the date where they first met, both the mother and father first dated)
nobody died in the end so i'm pretty happy.
i feel that writing Sho love story make me so jealous

For Jun Love story
since he like girls who can read the atmosphere
i thought of using a girl who is quite yet know how to read the atmosphere really well

For Aiba love story
since aiba like girls who play golf & love adventure
i thought of using a girl who he met in a golf course while golfing one day

For Nino Love Story
since he like girls who don't mind him playing 9hr straight of game
i thought of using a girl who he met online & coincidentally was his friend classmates

For Ohno Love story
since he like to fish & do art
i thought of using her girl he met in a art exhibition

i need opinions & inspiration....

if u want know more abt my story asked me!


The more i see Chinen the more i see Ohno in him(:
Ohno love(:

6 more days to ohno bdae


The only thing i want now is to slp(:
i feel like a baby.
i slept for 12 hrs (7am- 7pm)
now i want to slp again Zzz..

i downloaded pokemon ytd
i actually named my character sho
& my pokemon Momo & my 2nd pokemon Bambi
crazy over Arashi

i love all my ichibans in Johnny(:
Arashi - Sakurai Sho
Hey! Say! Jump- Takaki Yuya
Kanjani8- Nishikido Ryo
kat-tun- taguchi
Kinki kids- koichi
News- Keiichiro
Smap- Shingo
T&T- Tackey
Tokio- Taichi
V6- junichi
not forgetting Ikuta toma .

for Hey! Say! jump i like chinen yuri too because his filled of Ohno Love ♥
i'm totally addicted to this song
Baby Baby - Lin Jun Jie


hello (:

chalet has been fun yet tired

went germaine house & prepare things
took taxi to downtown east.
watched tv went with reach
realise got dvd.
so tong yee went back home to bring her Brown Sugar Macchianto
while the rest of us go play arcade
played the basketball & mario cart
went back to prepare for the bbq.
the fire cldn't start until zemin came.
No wonder u in St john!!!
bbq until 8+
waited for the 9 o clock show to start then me & germaine go bath
so at 10 we waited for kirstie & tong yee to bath before we started our show
watched Brown Sugar macchianto till ep 7 until 4am
decided to go sleep cannot take it ler

woke up at 12.
continued watching the show. we are like totally crazy over it
Germaine with Wang zi & Gui Gui
Tong yee with Xiao Yu & Xiao Xun
Kirstie with Au quan & Da Ya
Liting with Xiao Jie & Xioa Jie or Ah Wei & Y Tou
germaine & kirstie with swimming while tong yee go with them
watched GuessX3
went out bought things then go watched Yu Le Bai Fen Bai
started Bbq then got raindrops
we bbq-ed till very fast until..
Nugget become nua-gget
hotdog become bull dog
kawaii neh
brought in everything when we bbq-ed finish.
expected continue watching Brown sugar macchainto until 2am
then went to slp
told tong yee something before going to slp
" i starting to like Ah Wei"

so here i am blogging



having chalet from tmr still wed
will hear tong yee talking abt Bang Bang Tang again.
Excited. BBq for 2 days
today the 7 of us went shopping for stuff.
bought alot of things.
anti -tong yee ler. haha

so ytd after service we had a briefing with mj abt the camp.
can't wait would be absolutely fun esp. the 2am thing

arashi having new single ler
for their winter cm.
its on youtube & i totally love it
Fuyu Wo Dakishimete(:


so here are the list of the 100 drama, movie, anime i watched. Rmbr there are some dramas that are not completed & some is rewatch(:
Red are dramas
Blue are movie
Purple are anime
Bold those i'm still watching

1 Litre of tear (Jap) Nishikido Ryo
Detective Conan Special (Jap) Oguri Shun

First Kiss (Jap) Inoue Mao
Gokusen I (Jap) Matsumoto Jun
Great teacher onizuka (Jap) Oguri Shun
Hana Kimi (Jap) Oguri Shun, Ikuta Toma
Hana Yori Dango I (Jap) Matsumoto Jun, Oguri Shun, Inoue Mao
Kimi Wa Petto (Jap) Matsumoto Jun
Attention Please (Jap) Nishikido Ryo
Stand Up (Jap) Ninomiya Kazunari, Suzuki Anne
Kindaichi 3 (Jap) Matsumoto Jun
Yamdato Tarou Monogatari (jap) Ninomiya Kazunari, Sakurai Sho
Ganbatte Ikimasshio (Jap) Suzuki Anne, Nishikido Ryo
Tantei Gakuen Q (Jap)
Gokusen II (Jap) Kamenashi Kazuya, Akanishi Jin
Hana Yori dango II (Jap) Matsumoto Jun, Oguri Shun, Inoue Mao
Ppoi (Jap) Yamashita Tomohisa, Aiba Masaki
Itazura Na Kiss (Jap)
Bokura No Yuuki ~Miman Toshi~ (Jap) Matsumoto Jun, Aiba Masaki
Bambino (Jap) Matsumoto Jun
Romeo & Juliet (Jap) Tackey
Yasashii Jikan (Jap) Ninomiya Kazunari
Yukan Club (Jap) Akanishi Jin, Taguchi Junnosuke
Marathon 1 hr sp. (Jap) Ninomiya Kazunari
Nobuta wo produce (Jap) kamenashi Kazuya, yamashita tomohisa
First Love(Jap)
Iguana no musume(Jap)
Crying out love in the centre of the world(Jap)

Meteor garden (Taiwan) F4
Smiling Pasta (Taiwan) Zhang Dong Liang
Summer X Summer (Taiwan) Wu Xiong
Tokyo Juliet (Taiwan) Wu Zun, Ariel Lin
Why Why Love (Taiwan) Rainie Yang
Corner With Love (Taiwan) Luo Zhi Xiang
18 Jin Bu Jin (Taiwan) Ah Ben, Xiao Xun
Mvp Valentine (Taiwan) 5566
Ge Dou Tian Wang (Taiwan) 5566
At dolphin Bay (Taiwan) Angela Zhang
The Prince who turn into a frog (Taiwan) Ming Dao
Green Forest my home (Taiwan) Li Wei Lian
Hana Kimi (Taiwan) Wang Dong Chen
Ko One (taiwan) Wang Dong Chen
Magicians in love (Taiwan) Ming Dao
Devil Beside you (taiwan) Rainie Yang
It started with a kiss (Taiwan) Ariel Lin
X family (Taiwan) Wang Dong Chen
Romantic princess (Taiwan) Wu Zun, Angela Zhang
Brown sugar macchiato (Taiwan) Bang Bang Tang
Mean Girl Ah Chu (Taiwan) Zhang Shao Wei
Angle Lover (Taiwan) 183 Club
Marmalade Boy (Taiwan)
Ai Sha 17 (Taiwan) Zhang Shao Han
Magic Ring (Taiwan) Zheng Yuan Chang

Goong (Korean)
Lovers in Paris (Korean)
Witch Yoo Hee (Korean)
Princess LuLu (Korean)
Sweet 18 (Korean)
Full House (Korean)
Prince First Love (Korean)
My Lovely Samsoon (Korean)
Tree of Heaven (Korean) Lee wan
Country princess (Korean)
Glass Slippers (Korean)
Coffee Prince(Korean)

Virtues of Harmony I (HK)
Shades of truth (HK)

200 pounds beauty (Korean)
Helen the Baby Fox (Korean)

I’m a cyborg but that’s ok (Korean) Rain
My boyfriend is type B (Korean)
My Wife is a gangster (Korean) Shu Qi
My tutor friend (Korean)
The classic (Korean)
volcano high (Korean)
Temptation of wolves (Korean)

NaNa (Jap)
Pikanchi (Jap) Arashi
Pikanchi Double (Jap) Arashi
Kiroii Namida (Yellow Tears) (Jap) Arashi
Prince of tennis (Jap) Shirota Yuu
Honey & Clover (Jap) Sakurai Sho
Nana 2 (Jap)

The secret (Taiwan) Jay Chou

C+ Detective (HK)

Transformer (Hollywood)
Lake House (hollywood)
princess diaries 2 (Hollywood)

Lovely Complex (Jap Anime)
Cardcaptor Sakura (Jap Anime)
My wife is a high school girl(Jap Anime)
Digimon (Jap Anime)
Ask Dr. rin (Jap Anime)
Bokura ga ita (Jap Anime)
Perfect Girl evolution(Jap Anime)
Code E (Jap Anime)
First Kiss Story OVA(Jap Anime)
NaNa (Jap Anime)
I Love my younger sister (Jap Anime)

evidence to my 1st NaNa comic book(:
so i bought arashi stuff when they were in kitto daijobu
i hope i would get a memory card for x'mas by mom :D
felt smth happen today
should i find someone who is more mature to talk abt it(:
japan here i come!!!!


i have a feeling i'm not gonna talk to him the next few days.
i'm so addicted to NANA.
i started with the movie & now the anime & the comic
i'm like just going crazy over it
i've been repeating the anime so many time
i like the ending the most
hachi with takumin, nana & ren are engaged, yasa & miyu, nobu & yuri, reira & shin broke up fast
but i still want nobu & hachi to be together. i almost cried at the ending when nobu was in 707.
hachi give up on takumi. his a player.
telling zemin & tong to watch it.
but telling kirstie to watch 1 litre of tears!! go watch

can somebody help me find nice shows.
i'm totally reaching my goal soon with just 7 more.
anime, drama, movie or whatever
chinese, english, jap or korean anything
here are some shows i watch during holiday

1 litre of tears
nobuta wo produce
kirroi namida
honeuy & clover
pls introduce.
i'm totally need shows
so i watching the advertisment for hana yori dango 2 last 2nd ep. when i saw umi-chan with domyouji i almost spoiled the whole tv. why can't she leave him alone. You belong to tsukasa not umi. Domyouji wake up. but i know the ending.haha smile people :D


Happy Birthday to Germaine & Angus
Tanjoubi Omedetou
thats all i got to say


went to svc today.
woke up at 9 cos esther called me if not surely will oversleep
rush down to svc & was late miss 1 and a half praise song. Arhh.
i like the preaching & i love the blue stadium. the world best stadium. hope the new building can be like this. have faith in the building.
after that went to bedok & took a cab down to marine terrace to send tong off to bs then went straight to parkway parade.
me & catherine went to eat mos burger for lunch then went popular. read the Guiness world record of 2008. was yee here yee there cos of the insects. then kimberly & tong came. tong & cat bought bubble tea while accompany kim to go buy fries. walk to marine parade library. took pics there. we were the only nosiest one there. ps. went to look for princess diary book while cat & kim went to look for joyce meyer book. i love her books.then took bus to parkway parad with kim & went simei to jerry house.
went to changi & eat the famous fish & chips but i eat chicken chop. then went home. i love nitendo ds(:
finally pics (:

me & esther in church

me & tong in church

kim & me at marine parade library
me, tong, kim & cat at library (see tong face)

cat's idea (:
me & my beloved joshua


so utada hikaru going out with someone younger than her
okay thx aikyo

i'm so addicted to Digimon now & i've been watching it for the past 2 days.
so many complain abt digimon the english version
if i get to watch it i dont mind what version is it but i seriously prefer the japanese version. it's so much nicer. got to get back watching my digimon
so ciao!
okay i'm a bit confused now
at one time & place i heard that sho-kun is going out with utada hikaru
another time & place i hear that sho-kun in love with news caster Mao Kobayashi
can anyone tell me what is happening?