okay guys & girls i finally took up the courage to blog.

today was the first day of school reopening
was almost late. SIAN LAR !
take temp today.
first temp :37.2 ( so Mr tan ask me take again)
2nd temp: 36.9
felt really giddy.
first period was p.e. shucks was ms chai. ]: sadded case already
ss. mr bensontay didn't come so was reading the newspaper. LENG CHANG.
so had recess. & there mr gng is talking about the normal things. can't stand it.
eng. bad lesson. more than half of the class stand up cos we didn't finish the work or never do at all.
maths. i hate maths.
was sitting at the back of the class all by myself :( but natalie was sitting in front of me. going to be so excited of where i'm supposed to sit.
lunch time. had mock exam.
chem was okay. remebered somethings from mindmap.
physic exam as hard but thx ms chua for giving the first 5 ans. chatted with ms chua for long time.
so exam end ms rafidah talk to us. haix f&n die bodoh.
so went to get my sweets from angus. i want somemore.
went to white sands then went home :D

that thing you do [:


gonna post on my 3D2N genting trip :D

on sunday we took the bus to genting from beach road.
reach genting around 4am+
poor jerry was sick along the whole journey
at genting we had to register to the rooms
so we waited till 12pm+
while waiting we went to mac to have our breakfast
then went to see the glittering scenery of KL from genting hotel'
saw the beautiful sunrise was super nice & zai.
then went back to the lobby(lobi) and decided to sleep there as we were all super tired .
all the adults was at the casino playing there
mummy won money hehehe
karen yi yi room was the first to get so went there and did everything
while micheal & yenting went to get the tix for the bus trip to KL
everybody didn't want popo to go cos of her leg so she followed my mother

On the way to KL :
the bus was super shaky but in the end managed to fall asleep

In KL :
reach the station the took a train to the place
there was this place called chow kit
first destination was LOT 1 shopping centre
since we haven't had our lunch so went to the foodcourt to eat
their service was bad. (we had to first go and order our food; they will give us this no. tag; go to the cashier pay money; want drinks ownself go pour; take your fork & spoons; go back to the same place and get your food.)
super busy. wasted about 5 mins there.
went window shopping
since we had nothing more to shop went across the street to do more shopping almost got into a car accident (was like green light; so like usual we were across the road; then this asshole driver he drove past us; fail his driving test lar)
went to quiksilver and bought micheal & jerry shirts,
then went to secret recepie and got CHEESECAKE. (couldn't eat cos of my throat. GRR)
went to body glove and got my shirt, addidas to get karen yiyi shoe
cross the road and went to the other shopping mall
micheal was searching for his levis jeans. couldn't find
shop at FOS. couldn't find anything i like.
since everybody was super tired, we went to coffee bean and got our rest.
meet mario & uncle cyril there.( poor mario had to buy 16 dentisty book with such a heavy weight and then send it to singapore)
mario got auntie anne and it was like at half price. I ALSO WANT !
since it was 5 already decided to take a cab down to KL CHINATOWN which was PETALLING STREET ( all the taxis were charging us for 15RM just for a short trip but spot this nice taxi who charged us for 4RM)
the place was super messy ( there was like smokes, noises and crowded )
the first thing everybody was finding was nice watches
Aunt elena bought this nice watch for 20RM but the actual price was 120RM ( she actually didn't want the watch at first so the guy gave her a very low price at 20RM so she bought in the end)
jerry got swatch, yenting got guess, mario got rolex.
bought my ROXY wallet there or 20RM but the actual price was 45RM
everybody had enough shopping for that day so decided to went back and eat our dinner
took the taxi for 80RM. poor taxi driver went up the mountain for 3 times a day already.

Back In Genting:
went to bath and went down for dinner had Hainan Chicken Rice. Karen Yi Yi treat us. THX !
saw yantin. HELLO :D
brush my teeth and went to sleep.

woke up at 8 then get ready everything
went to Lake View Restaurant for buffet breakfast
food there was nice especially the sausage
this time was uncle patrick treat us.
after breakfast, micheal, jerry, joshua & me went to book OCEAN THIRTEEN ticket while uncle patrick & jacob went back to the hotel room to get something. after that went to get our indoor & outdoor theme park tix. HAPPY !

Theme Park:
First ride, BUMPER CAR. whoot ! whoot !
then went to ride TOBLOGAN. really bumpy
Next was the really big Merry Go Round ( its actually not a merry go round but something like it where you sit on the chair and then it turn)
Went to walk at DINOSAUR LAND.love the shaky bridge.
After that was GOLDEN MILE where we had to sit and go pass the caves. So we went back to sit the bumper car.
but before that micheal & jacob went to the toilet while uncle patrick & joshua went back to the room to get something
so jerry & me went to sit the INDOOR ROLLER COASTER. sorry jerry for bumping into you. hehe
went to sit BUMPER CAR.didn't sit for the first time but sit for the second time. dropped my chewing gum cos jerry bumped into me. ARGHH.
went back to outdoor theme park to sit CYCLONE
joshua was super funny. ( this was what happened to him: when it was reaching our turn, he was super scared that he asked whether he could go down. we were all saying NO. he had no choice but to go up the roller coaster. then at the top he asked uncle patrick whether he could go down then he said i don't mind jumping down.)
wanted to sit VERTICAL DROPDOWN but jerry was too scared. I WANT !!

Out of Theme Park:
went to kenny rogers to eat after that. I LOVE !!!
uncle patrick treat us this time.
all the others went to the casino so only left me & the three brothers.
went back to jerry room and wanted to get some sleep but just couldn't cos joshua & jacob was too noisy.
on the tv and watch haunted hotels.
waited for micheal's call before went for dinner at HOU MEI
this time was yi yi ma treat us dinner.
wanted to go shopping with jerry but had to take care of the two little kids
played pepsi-cola 123 hurt my back was super pain
so we waited till micheal call for us to go down for our movie
11RM for a movie is worth it with free drink, popcorn and a pack of chocolate biscuit. whoo.
OCEAN THIRTEEN is a very nice show . SERIOUSLY
so went back to bath and sleep. Guess was really tired.

Woke up at 8 again.
Went to the hainan chicken rice restaurant to had our breakfast
Took the American breakfast set. Guess was really hungry cos it was huge but in the end could not finish. Hehe
Went jerry room again cos there was nothing to do.
So micheal called and we went down the lobby to meet them.
Went to starbucks and got my cappuccino too really warm me up.
Saw some monkeys and they were really cute.
Went shopping again to search for presents. Got it and jerry also got his slippers.
The bus was delayed by 1hr don’t know for what reason so while waiting sat down and enjoyed the lovely scenery.
Couldn’t eat the KFC chicken ): because of my throat. SAD SAD !
Took the bus and slept on the whole journey
Finally reached Singapore at 11+ and the only thing I can say is


ohaiyo :D

i really want to thank all of you who help me celeberated my birthday.
E430, Family, Friends

thx for the clothes, bookmark, cake & the surprise. Clare for that greebee teddy. i really love the bookmark that was specially made. i will of course wear that shirt for service.

thx jie jie for the cake, mummy for the trip & clothes, aunts for the hongbao money & cousin for the best wishes.


germaine, natalie, kirstie, zemin, tongyee, xinyi, benny, yockkiat for the cake & teddy bear. & the other people for the best wishes even though some of you were late. :D


Happy Birthday to Me!!!

gulliver son
jie jie hand made cake for me :D


Emerge was a blast.
on fire for god & thats me.

Thurs :D POS
i love both the morning & afternoon session
there was like so many ming xing, international deligates.
today there was like fei er & tank & miss vivi & wing & sun & belinda lee
Tank come & sing during the broadcasting of our church.
i love god.
i want to be a shamgar !
i want to be a jacob !

breakaway i'm living for you
breakaway i'm living for truth

Happy Birthday Yock Kiat (:

didnn't went for morning session got school.
ms beauty peagent & manhunt competition was today
Edwin won manhunt. woot. m2 go.
(if u all don noe who is edwin his actually our ex-zone member)

aaron dance during service. GO REPRESENT GO !
& guess who sing today.
but i was super cold during service.
i want to be one of the 300
i'm coming back to the heart of worship
when it's all about you
all bout you jesus

there was no morning session
so wake up late
guess was really tired even mi shoulder was complaining
liu geng hong sing today
i love him & his new song.
Xin fu de ju li
yong bao duo guo qian yan wan yu arh
& he proposed to his girlfriend in church
i want also
we celebrated sun birthday & prayed for her
everybody love her & thx for the work u are doing in china
pst kong decided to talk about love
so love was in the air
i want to love people using the agape method !
i wanna stay
i wanna stay here with you

Happy Birthday Sun & Priscillar

went to both the morning session
PVC rox.
pvc = pandan village college
was on fire for god. :D
& i'm gonna miss days like emerge so let the picture do the talking
we have the trumpet in our hand !!!
one life
i lay at your altar
one love
i have with you
one word
you know i will follow
one heart
broken to you



seah hui

hui juan


tian fu



han yang