Arashi Survey

Got this survey from Arashi.groups.vox

1. What's the best body part of [insert Arashi member's name here]?
- Ri-da hand
- Sho Chipmunk teeth (Is it even a body part? Whatever. LOL)
- Aiba Eyes(:
- Nino Forever-looking 17 face
- Jun Collarbone

2. If you were rejected after confessing to the one you like out of the five, who would be the first one you turn to for comfort?

Hmm! If i get rejected by Sho-kun?
Ohno for his silent mood. Just letting me complain, cry, scream then asking me to go for a drink. I like that ^^
Aiba and his genkiness. He won't let me cry i think..
Nino with his musical talent. Hope he find inspiration from me. XD
Jun. I hope he doesn't behave like Domyouji Tsukasa.

3. If you can pick any career that'll get you as close to the boys as possible, what would it be?

Definetly their manager or their vocal teacher. Manager isn't it the closest job to be with the guys(:

4. You accidentally called the wrong number and somehow, you got one of the boys on the other end instead! Who would be on the other end and what would be the first thing you say?

I hope it end up being Sho or Aiba.

Guess I will tell Sho. Sho i need your brain or help in my exams. Maybe tutor in Geog. But i think he won't pick up an annoymous call.

Hmm.. Aiba. Guess i will order from him some chinese dish from his family restaurant. Or maybe ask him when his coming to Singapore for fliming for TSD again.

5. If you were to get along with a member of one of the boys' families, who would it be and why?

Sho or Ohno

Sho's sister, Mai-chan. I guess she would be dear to hang out with. Girls what do you expect? Shopping.

Ohno's okasan. Their closeness and I don't mind playing games with her. & lets rock on to Justin Timberlake song.

6. If there's any part of you that you'd like to fix for [insert Arashi member's name here], what would it be and why?

Improving in Japanese so I can communicate with them. But i don't mind hearing Aiba saying Danger Danger & Don't worry

7. You've been dating [insert Arashi member's name here] for two months and everything's going great, but what would be the first thing that'll probably annoy you about him?

Jun, I guess.
His Do-s. I definetly would hate him if he annoys me like Do-s.
I'm sorry Jun

8. If you get to learn one skill from one of the boys, what would it be and why?

-Ohno's Clayart
- Sho's hardworkingness towards studying
- Aiba's Golf
- Nino's videogaming
- Jun's Horseback Riding

9. If you were to pick a location for a honeymoon with one of the boys, where would it be?

Hawaii i would pick. Isn't it where they debut. Going back to where they belong.

10. Last one, if you have kids with [insert Arashi member's name here], what would their names be?

I'm so gonna name my daughter Nikko even if they object. But for the sons it's up to them. Sakurai XXX(:

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Konbawa Guys(:
Here to write a decent post, HAHAH XD. All of my posts are decent one(: LOL

Japanese Lesson;
Cambridge finally called(: YATTA!!! BUT they called at the wrong time): During English Lesson, i want to know what they say, BUT Germaine anwered the phone. Classes are starting this saturday. YATTA!!! BUT my next satuday, third day of chinese new year is gone): BUT at least I'm happy.

Guys, i just sux in maths OR maybe i don't listen in class. I love Mr Toh but the problem is it's just too bored): Pathetic isn't it. I guess the only way is turn around to talk to Ronny and Korean guy and also Bryan Tay. But at least i knew how to do half of my maths paper. Factorization

I love watching Johnny Countdown all over agian. I have my reasons for doing this.

Ohno solo is Hachi no Uta(: Everybody say love love love~~
Ohno wierd looking face
Arashi hosting
(Sorry to jun wifey) Jun wierd looking moves
Toma is in it
Nino & Yamap touching each other face
Tego & Sho best friend rabu rabu
Kokobun Taichi
Hey! Say! Jump. Okay, I admit its Takaki Yuya & Chinen Yuri
The very pretty tokyo dome (It's lovely right?)
Ohno or Jun 2008 Specs
Jun Johnny Deep Specs
NewS singing weeeek
Maru beatbox in Pikanchi
The ten years countdown since 1998
because it features arashi debut in 1999
Koichi birthday is on 1st Jan
Koichi being Kiss

Inohara & Tsuyoshi dance
Best Hit meledy with Keep the faith, Love so sweet, Samurai & so on..
Sho making his mistake(:
Ryo & Jin singing Seishun Amigo
Tons of people singing Daite Senorita
Arashi combined with V6 singing Kisazura Cat Eye theme song
Everybody loving Kitto Daijobu
The very big dragon
yamap flying Kiss
the throwing board session

I feel myself being hentai ):I can't believe i found 29 of the reasons(: JOHNNY COUNTDOWN ROX BIG TIME

Credits are not mine for the gifs

so i got this from sumoboy livejournal(:

Kikuchi Momoko's six year daughter wrote a letter to Nino. Previously, the only person she wanted to marry was her father. Then she decided that she wanted to marry nino.

So she wrote him a letter and handed it to her mom to hand it to nino on the show:'Thank you for inviting me to the concert. Please change your hairstyle. You look more handsome with short hair. If you cut your hair, you will look the most handsome. I want to marry you. Because you did not change your hairstyle, now I like Sakurai-kun!!'

& Yes his going to cut his hair(:

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Li Liang



I hate being sick. I can't even breath properly. What worst is you suddenly get stalk and even though you are like freakingly sick you have to run for all of your might until you reach your doorstep.

24th of jan. Bad Day. X Realease of 'O' level results. Seeing the previous batch of sec 5 taking their results I can imagaine how would it be for me. Not making it to poly and wasting another year in Sec 5. Failing 'O' Level esp. Maths and going to ITE. No distinction for Poa. How bad can that be. I definetly don't want see myself and the whole sec 5 cohot in this position.
N2, N1 we can make it!!! X)

25th of jan couldn't go online ytd. was super sick and fever. but just want to say something to ichiban. You're everything everything that I wanted(:


Credits are to the person i took it from XD

Show for the day: Kisarazu Cat Eye. Meow~~

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Popolo March 2008

Sakurai Sho(:

Falling in Love:
An encounter is the connection of a chance meeting
A fateful encounter with someone you don’t know completely is seldom able to happen. So, normally the person you encounter is surprisingly one of your friends. When you think of it like that, an encounter is the connection of a chance meeting. So, I think I want to cherish the connection I have with my friends. I think from that kind of connection, to an extent, it might be important to try to encounter it from myself.

The timing of confession is a battle
When I was in high school, I invited the girl I liked to the park and confessed to her. And, I was magnificently rejected (bitter smile). The timing of a confession sure is a battle, isn’t it? There are cases where it’s better to nurture relationships a little more carefully, and if you wait too long after getting to know them, you’ll merely be friends…. It’s difficult.
Keio Boy is Keio Boy

(Did he kind of take out his belly ring?)

Credits to the person who scan & sub it.

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Arashi Stuff ne~
Step & Go is going to be out on Feb 20(:
Fuyo wo Dekashite is nice~~

It's only the preview~
Enjoy ne~~

HYD Final.
Inoue Mao~ Domyouji Tsukasa~ Hanawaza Rui~ Nishikido Soujirou~ Mimasak Akirah
June June faster come~ So many events!
My birthday, Nino Birthday, Pris Birthday, Grace Birthday, Nino JE

I had a really fun NewS day today.
Listening to NewS song, Watching NewS pv, Researching on NewS, Admiring Kei-chan more
Kei-chan you make my face go Red.
Weeeek is still on my mind~ Cherish is still on my mind~ Kei-chan is still on my mind~

Whoot! Four more days(:

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Happy 7 years in Johnny(:
My ichiban in NewS
Koyama Keiichiro!!!

damn it!
i just listen to weeeek, & now what happens. Addicted. But never mind its NewS song.

credits: Wiki. theppn


Asia Song festival

i know this is long ago. But when i saw this picture, i was feeling shocked.
Tank & Tanya were on the same stage as Arashi. Tank is beside Chipmunk.
Picture taken from Azierah(:

JE Test

I just did the JE Ranking survey.

& guess who's on my list.
i will start from 17.

17: Inoo Kei, Yamada Ryosuke, Nakajima Yuto, Yaotome Hikaru, Takizawa Hideaki, Nishikido Ryo, Yamashita Tomohisa, Kamenashi Kazuya, Kaotori Shingo, Kokubun Taichi,

9: Koyama Keiichiro, Taguchi Junnosuke

8: Domoto Koichi

6: Chinen Yuuri, Takaki Yuya

1: Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunari, Ohno Satoshi, Matsumoto Jun, Sakurai Sho.

Chipmunk is the very first on my list. How can i resist such cute things ne~

My JE Pairing
(I think some of you should know who's top on my list)
let's start from 18

18: Ryo/Uchi, Subaru/Jin, Ryo/Jin, Tegoshi/Yamapi, Yamap/Kame

15: Toma/Yamapi, Aiba/Matsujun, Nino/Yamapi

12:Ryo/Yasu, Takki/Yamapi, Tegoshi/Massu


3: Takki/Tsubasa, Koki/Nakamaru, Sho/Matsujun, Ohno/Sho, Aiba/Nino, Ohno/Aiba, Sho/Nino, Ohno/Matsujun

1: Aiba/Sho, Ohno/Nino

The einstein meet Baka & the Ohmiya Sk!!

JE Top List
JE Pairing

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xing guang bang

蕭敬騰 vs. 楊宗緯-新不了情



i saw ohno book on YesAsia today
shall i get it? Yes Or No?


i read finish Marshmallow For Breakfast ytd. Yup, it was a great book. Dorothy koomson is so gonna be my 2nd fav but my fav is still Meg Cabot because of Princess Diaries. I'm moving on to Jodi Picoult's book on The Sister's Keeper.

In my first memory, I am three years old, and I am trying to kill my sister. Sometimes the recollection is so clear I can remember the itch of the pillowcase under my hand, the sharp point to her nose pressing into my palm...
Anna is not sick, but she might as well be. by age thriteen, she has undergone countless surgeries, transfusion, and injections to help her sister, Kate, fight leukemia. Anna was born for the purpose, her parents tell her, which is why they love her even more.
But now, she can't help but wonder what her life would be like if it weren't tied to her sister's...and so she makes a decision that for most, at any age, would be too difficult to bear, and sues her parent for the rights to her own body.
I don't know why I kind of blame her parent for the state she is in now. But if Anna wasn't born, would Kate actually live till now? Anna wouldn't have been really born in the first place if Kate wasn't dignosed with Leukemia?
I hope mon quickly come. By that time i will have my money to buy Xiao Zhu Gai Ban Album. Wo bu hui chang ge...XD Saw Gary's Sunshine at the shelfs today. Was hearing his song called Qi Chuang Ge he actually sang the chinese version of Shingo MaMa's Oha Rock. SHINGO MAMA!!!
Song for the day: Xing Bu Liao Qing- Wan Fang

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personal; fustrations

I kind of hate my skin. They are just too sensitive for any human to take it. No hot bath, Only use PH 5.5 for soap; Only use Qv cream for moisturizer, No sun, No seafood; nuts; mushroom. GRR!! XD i kind of can't take it. I've been having rashes the past few days. Stupid dust, Stupid weather change. Why can't they just give me an injection at the National Skin centre and let it slowly heal instead of eating medicine and putting cream. Just a long walk at Pasir Ris Beach and what do you get when you reach home? Rashes!!!.

But what can you get, at least I'm still breathing on planet earth(:

Now for another fustration. (not very impt no need to read.)
Can you just get out of my dream!! you been there for the past few weeks. & because of you i got a very big nightmare the day before. But sorry, i totally do not consider it a very good dream. Everytime you walk past me or i see your face somewhere memories of this dreams just keep coming back. Because of you I have not been concentrating. !!

Since its Keio boy month of the year & its next week and coming soon. Whoot!~
Credits are to the person who upload it. Can't remeber who! Gomen ne~
Picture for you:


sho -Touch Me Now

i don't know why but i think i'm going crazy over this



i preordered my arashi Step & Go Regualr edition today.
Hope that day when i have my cd quickly come(:



i hate change of timetable


It's my uncle birthday today and we are sort of having a birthday party
so, Happy Birthday Uncle cyril.
i'm sort of stuck in my room cos everybody that's downstairs now are all the other side of his family.
his actually a grandfather there cos its his niece son so does it actually mean i'm already an aunt. *confused*

waas over at popo house ytd. they were actually planning on buying that $10m toto.
each person $9 because they share but my mum included so i'm totally not included people.
so this video was when they were choosing out the no. (:
cos i was taking from the living room so it was not very clear. and sorry for bad phone quality :x

so byee!! of to cake session (:


Ohno artwork

3 Cheers for Riida ~~

First ever Johnny to open a personal exhibition of artwork!!!!

Omotesandou Hills on the 21st feb for 9 days(:
check this website for Omotesandou Hills -->http://www.mori.co.jp/projects/omotesando/en_index.html

Ohno i love you so much XD

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Arashi - Iza Now - Ohno's solo - TOP SECRET


men limited FLH CD
the cd & dvd

the lyrics book(: it's actually black in color
jiro file (:
Ya Lun file(:
I don't know whether i should be feeling sad or happy.
Happy being that on the 20th Feb Arashi is having a new single both the regular and limited edition
Sad being that I'm so hating Johnny for making everything so ex.
Source: cdjapan
Arashi /Step and Go [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
1110 Yen
Description:New single release from Arashi features a theme of graduation and journeys set to a groovy dance tune! Includes one track. Limited edition includes bonus DVD with the music video and making-of footage for "Step and Go" plus alternate jacket artwork. *Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and carry no subtitles.
Arashi/Step and Go[Regular Edition]
952 Yen
Description:New single release from Arashi features a theme of graduation and journeys set to a groovy dance tune! Regular edition includes bonus regular edition-only B-side "Fuyu wo Dakishimete" plus original karaoke versions of each track.
I'm so confirm that HMV is going to sell it for a minimum of $20. I can't even buy the COOL & SOUL which cost $80++ ):
I'm sure some of you have read yesterday NEWPAPER. Ayumi Hamasaki gone deaf on left year. I'm hope everything is okay with her right ear. I really like her songs alot):
Song: Lucky Man: Arashi




Watch ANS just now. Let me just do something first.

3rd day: Tell him I like him; hide in my room the whole day; & 24 hrs stuck to comp & watch Arashi for the last time & cry out loud
2nd day: Outing with friend
last day: Outing with family & countdown

this is my answer to "What will you do 3 days before the world end?" Have really never thought about it after watching ANS when they were doing this qns.

my fav would be Nino ans.
3rd day: Game !
2nd day: Game !
last day: Game !
48hrs straight of gaming on famicom. OMGosh!

This was Nino ans to the new year resolution
- By end of year get 120 dvd game
- 1 month get 10 dvd game
10 games X 12 mths = 120 games for the whole year.

How Otaku can Nino be?

So here's my resolution
For Friends & Family: Survive 2008 with a smile
For personal stingy me: Do well for 'o' then go to japan & stalk arashi. MUAHAHAHHA XD
so i was just joking about the stalking part.

I'm sort of having a writer block now. Someone just help me! I'm actually stuck at a quarter of Chpt 3 !!! -.- I actually promised Zemin then i will finish chpt 3 by weekend. Writer Block i love you alot just give me inspiration on my story & i will love you more. (: So read this, & RETURN ME MY INSPIRATION !!!

It's 2more hr & 20 mins towards the 15th day more of awaiting Chipmunk birthday. So Chipmunk Suki (: Loving, chipmunk

Song for the day: I knew I love you- Savage Garden

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i better start posting some words here before SOMEBODY just go crazy. Yes, you know who I'm taking about, my dear !! XD

So i was reading Sassy fanfic on Ren & Riida. She put this song as Ren's ringtone called "The wonders about tiggers". Just when to find it. I actually posted it on the post before this post. ~ Mecha Kawaii~ Really you will love tigger after hearing this song.

Was talking to XiaoWanZi. OMG!!!!(: I didn't know she was actually a very "old" senpai from my school. Is this actually what you call fate. Was talking to her about the changes made in school.

you're so obsessed with arashi when
- your music player, mp3 songs is flodded with their songs
- everytime an exam come, you pray that the next morning you wake up sho's brain would be yours
- you can talk the whole day about arashi
- you say umai to everything you eat
- you don't mind your boyfriend to be thinner or shorter
- the first kanji you memorize is arashi, then all the members name
- you think nino as nemo
- whenever someone say captain or leader you think of ohno
- you day dream all the time
- you want to buy RPG
- you want to own a nitendo blue ds
- you want to try everything that arashi tasted in ANS
- eating wierd food is not crazy
- you want a pet and his name is momo
- you read newspaper more

Was playing this game called "You're obssesed with Arashi when...". So this was what I wrote. To those people who know me really well you will agree totally with some of them or even all. So I think Zemin got Arashified by me. I been telling her about Arashi stuff since the start of school. WOOH!!!

I've been dreaming about Arashi for the past few weeks. It's like every night Arashi is in your dream. I must be thinking too much about them. Oh Kami-sama please save me !!

So I watched the special episode of TSD. Pan-kun was super funny. Aiba won the MVP award. & he was so cute with the tiger. Omedeto!
Watched TBS happening award too. There was YTM & HYD 2 Bloppers. There were so many funny things happening. ROFL!!!!

Now this is really unimportant for you to read but all I want to say sankyuu Arashi for being there always in the fans life.
1. I never had really live one day with hearing the sound of laughter until I met all of you.
2.Everything u do, you think for the fans. Even during concert you said that tubes were not allowed because of the always happening Hentai incident in trains. You were actually caring about the fans safety. Parents should be actually glad to have idols such as you all.
3. Chipmunk for motivating me in my studies. You teach me how to just concentrate on my studies by doing self restriction.
4. You help people through your own personal incident. Such as the bullying incident.
5. Seriously, I had never appreciated the food i had until Ohno really came along. UMAI~
6. The friendship & chemistry you all shared within each of the members is known to me that this kind of love actually exist throughout the world. To tell the truth although my fav couple is SakuAiba but i really thank God for having Ohmiya Sk in my life to just cheer me up when I'm down
7. Chipmunk again for teaching me how to recycle thing such as sepearting the garbage from recycle to unrecycle, can burn from cannot burn. I'm sort of getting the concept.
8. Aiba for letting us know how important life is after having your surgery
12 more days to Chipmunk Birthday
Song for the day: Pika*nchi- Arashi


too tired to say a single thing

smile my young chipmunk



Was reading fanfic ytd. The heaven & the storm.
Chipmunk said this:
For a kiss from your mouth I go up to heaven.
He was saying this to Oozora in spanish.
How romantic can he get.
And he calls her angle. Angle, Aishiteru. XD

Phrase for the day:
A girl should wear nice shoes because the shoe will take her to a calm and beautiful place.
Taken from HYD 1.
Song of the day: La familia- Matsumoto Jun (Turtle)



i'm listening to Sho Beat now. It's taking forever to be download):
By the way its, 301207 of ShoBeat.
He's playing some song from the Love so sweet Cd. I fail bad at being an Arashi fangirl.
Found it! It's actually called Itsumademo (いつまでも) .

(the limited version of Love So Sweet Cd)

I so didn't listen to Aiba no Rekomen ytd. I was too tired to even do it.
By the time I rmbr it was already 1+. *Sob Sob*

Arh! I haven't touch anything on my Argumentative Essay except a tiny insy bit of mindmap. How am I so going to do it.
Ideas Ideas Ideas.

Song for the day: Fight song by Arashi

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Modori Ame

1. Put Your itunes, windows media player, winamp etc on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
.4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5. Tag some lucky people to spread the disease. (I don't mind if you don't want to do it. :D It's fun though!)


1. If someone says, "Is this okay?" you say,
Typhoon Generation- Arashi

2. How would you describe yourself?
The River- Good Charolette

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
Shining Kiss- HSHMM

4. How do you feel today?
Beautiful Girl- Sean Kingston

5.What is your life purpose?
Ultra Music Power- HSJ!

6. What is your motto?
Ri Bu Luo- Jolin Tsai

7. What do your friends think of you?
Sunrise Nippon- Arashi

8. What do you think about your parents?
Wo Ai De Ren- Lin You Jia

9.What do you think about very often?
Kitto Daijobu- Arashi

10. What is 2+2?
Inshin Denshin- Orange Range

11. What do you think of your best friend?
Eyes with Delight- Arashi

12. What do you think of the person you like?
I knew I love you- Savage Garden

13. What do you think of your life story?
Venus- T&T

14.What do you want to be when you grow up?
Konseki- Nino

15. What do you think when you see the person you like?
Won't be long- Exile & Koda Kumi

16. What will you dance at your wedding?
Good-bye Days- YUL

17. What will they play at your funeral?
Da Nen Ren Xiao Nui Hai- JJ

18.What is your hobby/interest?
Miss Murder- AFI

19. What is your biggest fear?
Cockney Girl- Lee Hom

20. What is your biggest secret?
High School Never End- Bowling for soup

21.What do you think of your friend?
Michi Double- Arashi

22.What will you post this as?
Modori Ame- Arashi

I'm actually using my Hp Media Player to do. So it's mostly with Arashi & Jpop
I did this before but with diff questions

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the young chipmunk

the now chipmunk
-becoming more mature
- toning up his body
- getting smarter
- loving kids
- getting more responsible
- loving more of Arashi


[PV] Arashi - Fight Song

its the pv for my blog song XD

okay. I made my own first gifs. using paint(:
it's kind of small & sucky



the book(:

closer view of it

this is the SEXY file that came with the book :D It's time for him to pole dance.
tong yee got BBT while I got this.

this was making me laugh the whole night. I literally fell off my chair. I laughed so hard until my throat feels so pain even now.
Saigo i'm laughing over your comment. Ohno looked like some plastic flamingo toy that gone haywire. Nino look like some broadway dancer that gone crazy.

So this was the picture with Ri-da wearing the 2008 specs. But chipmunk doesn't really look good here.Sankyuu Akaisuki-chan XD.

Credits are not mine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the Ohno Pic & the wierd looking movement

Couting down to 23 more days
Chipmunk on the move [:

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I watch the Johnny 2007-2008 countdown 2 times XD
I know i'm a bit late.
But. it was such a blast, people.
Arashi were the host. How much more can I still love you?
~ Stay with me ~ (Song by kinki kids)
There were so many interactions between the Johnny's Group.
Even though i was watching at home in my room i was totally high all alone.
I still miss Smap not participating in any of this big events by Johnny.
I love the starting dance by Tsuyoshi & Inohara.
Kat-tun with Keep the faith. Junno & Koki blond hair. XD
Tsubasa with his new hairstyle singing Samurai (It's new to me but i like it)
But, Why? HSJ only sing Ultra Music Power. Why? & all they do is to sit with the audience):
Where's my yuya-kun. & if they sing more song chinen gets to sing with Ohno.
Turtle with his new Specs singing Love so sweet!!
Did Chimpmunk hair grew longer or what?
Somebody from Tokio(the lead singer) kissed Koichi.
He called him Ko-chan. I'm so going call Koichi that
They sang a new song but the name is unknown to me. The only thing is the lyrics.

~ Everybody, Say! Love, Love, Love ~
They sang 10 years worth of Johnny song.
Otaku boy tickling with Yamapi face when they were singing Sunrise Nippon
Tokio you're such cute senpais. Taichi-kun with his face just stick sideways near to the camera
That dragon was Big~~ Real Big~~
Toma was there too!! IKUTATOMA IKUTATOMA
Yamapi gave a flying kiss.
they threw signboards too. Catch Catch Catch

& dearest Rid-a you're so kawaii ne~ But, can you give me that 2008 glasses. It was such a dear.
Chipmunk almost couldn't speak when he saw those glasses. LOLOLOLOL XD
It's time to survive the new year with new wishes.
-Happy 2008(:

New year Resolution: Do Well in Japanese(:

Just watch Music Station Super Live 2007. Ya I know I'm a bit late but i told myself when i'm like super free i'm gonna watch it. Ohno you are so kawaii ne~ "Human-like".
FUNKY MONKEY BABY with Lovin' Life. Boy you rock my life. Sakura Sakura~
Ai Otsuka with Peach. Arashi with Love so sweet.
~Omoide Zutto Zutto Wasurenai Sora~
I like Ayumi dress(:

25 days & couting...