i love reeses. peanut butter cup (:


hello (:
time seem to be passing so fast. micheals coming back tmr from army, hope he had a fun time there.
ms shiow never come to school for 3 days hope she doesnt come back tmr. haha jkjk.
chi oral exam coming ler. mr seah today angry with us for not paying attention in class.
today is teachers scolding day. Mr gng was super angry with us during recess. His going to check the whole class tmr. oh no.
rmbr to bring name tag, off hp & blah blah.
mr benson tay scolded some of the pupils today guess he must be really angry.
maths was the best today. mr koh was smiling all the way. today super wierd la.
hope kirstie is alright ler.(:

wang lee hon new album: gai bian zi ji ( its really nice)

bang bang tang. miss lil jay so much.

1 day & counting, 2 days & counting


slacking :D

jerry [:

mummy [:

love the beautiful glittering scenery behind [:

on tv[:

slacking [:

family [:
my lovely joshua [:
slacking [:
waiting [:
jacob part 1
jacob part 2
first world hotel [:
slacking again

went to watch harry potter with zy, josh and jacob
was not too bad. hop harry would win the you-know-who.
heard that dumbledore would die in the end.
so after that took a train to j8 to meet kirstie, ger, tong,xinyi
bought the s.h.e cd then go q
waited for like 1 hr before the q moved.
was super cold lar. ( cos of the cold jokes)
& finally we got our S.H.E Fun Party ticket.
happy happy.
can't wait for both sat & sunday
went back white sands to eat then go home.


transformer rox.
i love bumblebee i love optimizer i love jazz i love everybody except that sector 7 guy.
i finished my f&N work. woots super happy. i think i will get a very bad mark.
i really hope to buck up in POA guess i would really not want to drop POA. where's germaine ?
jeff send me on msg during school time today and it said: God opened the windows of heaven looked at me and ask, what is your dream? I answered: God, take care of the person who is reading this messeage, because this person is so special!
thx so much but later u must send it to all your friends.
must go pia summary now ler. byee


hello people.

i'm super hungry now and i totally can't get out of the comp lab to get something to eat cos i'm having lesson.
everything been down in life

1. comp spoil. ( first it was the internet then the mouse now the whole comp) luckily mom getting someone to repair it.
2. i haven pass up my F&N and there is like more to go.
3. i just had a personal talk with mom on sunday night and now she being good to feel and i feel how wierd
4.i'm seriously getting all imaginative about what will happen to him when he go ns. ( its going to be like in 1-2 years.)
5. i miss him like mad even though i saw him yesterday.

okay i sound like mia now.