Arashi - Hero(FanCam)

OMG. Doki Doki XD

pls watch the last part while the interesting thing.


i so wanna watch this(:
i watch the movie with sho-kun in it
BUT i totally can wait for this.

Another survey to do~
It doesn't make sense at all
But it's fun somehow!! XD
Just get out ure mp3, music player, ipod or whatever


1. Put your music player on shuffle.

2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense. NO CHEATING!

1. How are you feeling today?

Dreams- NewS
2.Will you get far in life?
Scream- GlayXExile

3. How do your friends see you?
Shodou- B'z

4. Will you get married?
Kid's Prayer- Madeline Teo.

5. What is your best friend's theme
Zui Sou Xi De Mo Shen Ren- Elva Hsiao

6. What is the story of your life?
Thank You- Smap

7. What was high school like?
My Generation- Yul (Somehow this is weirdXD)

8. How can you get ahead in life?
Baby Baby- Lin Jun Jie

9. What is the best thing about your friends?
I Want Somebody- Arashi (Indeed i want them)

10. What is today going to be like?
Koi No Tsubomi- Koda Kumi

11. What is in store for the weekend?
Sorafune- Tokio

12. What song describes you?
Jia Gei Wo- Du De Wei (Hello, I'm not so impatient to get married)

13. To describe your grandparents?
My Brand New Way- Koike Teppei (Are they going my way ????)

14. How is your life going?
Jet Coaster Romance- Kinki kids (Somehow my life is like riding on a roller roaster! Interestin!!)

15. What song will they play at your
Can you celebrate- Namie Amrou (OMG! Are they gonna do that?)

16. How does the world see you?
Wan Ku- Pan Wei Bo (The world thinks i'm playing cool! LOL!)

17. Will you have a happy life?
Venus- T&T

18. What do your friends really think
of you?
Lai-Lai-Lai- Arashi (Wow~Wow~ Yeah~ Yeah~)

19. Do people secretly lust after you?
Tian Shi- Mayday (Do i feel like an angle around them?)

20. How can I make myself happy?
Only Human- K (Is it trying to say by being myself since i'm only human)

21. What should you do with your life?

22. Will you ever have children?
Nippon- NewS ( Will I have kids in Japan)

23. How do you picture yourself 5 years
from now?
Signal- KAT-TUN (I don't know what this means)

24. What is best to describe your
special someone?
Yi Miao De An Wei- Huang Yi Da

25. What is in store for you in this
coming month?
Ultra Music Power- HSJ (I will jump high into the heisei era!! XD)

26. What would your life be 10 years
from now?
Age Age Every Night- Dj Ozma (I sense smth bad here:( )

27. Will you be successful?
Linda Linda- Blue Hearts

28. How was your childhood like?
No More Cry- D51 (Did i cry alot during my childhood?)

29. What song best describes your mood
right now?
Song for me- Ohno Satoshi (Do i need a song to be composed for me?)

30. How was it answering this survey?
Bu Liu Lei De Ji Chang- JJ

& my ans. to the last qns. Yes i'll rmbr you

credits to arashian.com


kindaichi last episode is scaring me~
Lucia Castle~~~

Takato words : Be it you or me, everyone has a dark side
Kindaichi words: I still believe everyone can conquer his desire and darkness



went out with kirstie, germaine, zemin, tong yee, natalie & xinyi ytd. Lend my HSJ album to zhi wei then go accompany germaine to take back result. Went back her house so she could change to outing clothes. Arigatou ne~ for the mickey mouse bracelet. Love at first sight(: Took the train to simei mrt.

Meet tong yee, zemin, natalie & xinyi over there. Went to eat lunch first. Then went to the cambridge school, stayed there for quite long. Kendi Sensei was telling us on whats the diff btwn JLPT & the normal leisure interest. But she said after our advance class we could take the exam. She also showed us how the beginner class course material will be like. Will be learning 400 Kanji and once you reach intermediate level the teacher will be speaking to you in japanese. Just hope that i can read the kanji. I hate the writing part. OMG, Liting you can do it! Luckily Germaine & Kirstie will be with me in the class, so like this we can communicate with each other. Register ourself in the class already. It will be at simei, every saturday, 4:30-7p.m., mostly starting on feb.
The course fee is $288.90, includes the 7% gst, the course material and so on. But once you reach intermediate is add another $50 and once you reach advance is add another $50 but after advance is all the same price already.

Went to popular to get our school books. Bought a storybook by Dorothy Koomson called Marshmallow for breakfast. It about this lady, Kendra renting a roon from a seperated father of twins. The twins stated to adopt her as their mother cos she lets them eat marshmallow for breakfast . Kendra eventually become part of their life even though she's hiding a painful secret. Then she bumps into a man who shares her awful secret and everything falls apart. The only way she can fix it is to confess the terrible mistake and swore never to do it. After reading fanfiction from everywhere, my interest in reading things just suddenly shoot up esp love books. Thanks Kami-sama for fanfiction like...
lyn-chan's FluerEast, Crossroads etc,
Mai-chan's Tokyo Tango,
Sassy's Out of the Blue & Sequel (Ren & rida), Pippa love sho-kun
Dora-chan's Tokyo Night
Neveland85 for the lovely well
Fallinggreenstar's Boy meets girl, Girl meets Boy
jihunny79's Heaven & Storm with the Sequel
Raye-chan's Expectation
have been having sleepless night just because of all this fiction. Theres so much more but these are totally 1 of my favourites.

Went to get my bag at tamp after that. Bought a converse brown bag. Brown Rox! Then went to eat dinner & go home.

Song for the day: JJ- Baby Baby

i just cry my heart out everytime i watch this video.

just when i thought i cldn't love arashi more.i found this.


Its 12:00am now.
which means it 26th dec 2007.
happy 25th birthday Oguri Shun.
to ger-chan: he will have a blessed birthday.

ytd x'mas was wonderful.
i didn't get to play mahjong. i WANT to play!. they earn alot. Yes, when i mean alot its alot.
Played Nitendo DS the whole time. Mario Kart Suki dai you <3 Now i totall understand why Nino likes to pplay his DS & Psp the whole time. You just get stuck in your own world with no one bothering you. Doing Everything at your own pace is the kind of world i really want.
Surf at arashian.com for a while. Reki u look kakoi in that pic! Its great to have a friend like you.
& Jereamy i gonna hate you is you type that thing one more time.

Talk to ger-chan online 1 hour ago. Discussing abt trying out the Cambridge school at simei for our course. She gonna take Japanese instead korean since japanese can help her in the future while korean is only her interest. I love you so much. (:

There's so many thing to buy tmr. School Books, Watch, Stationery, Notebook. Next year will be of my busiest period. Learning Japanese, Bucking up on Science & POA.

Was super bored just now. Went Azn.tv to look for shows by Nino. Guess what i found? 1 of Nino's show was flimed in Singapore. It's actually called Akimahende. I was watching it when i realise the channel 8 icon on top of the screnn. WThe.. They didn't even dub it at all there was only Eng subs. Suzuki Anne is inside the drama too. She's so damn lucky with Nino & Jun. When i only thought they showed Kindaichi & Kimura Takuya show. I have a very big feeling they are going to show HYD soon. Since it's so popular in Taiwan & Japan.

Songs for the day:
嵐- Modori Ame
- Eyes with Delight
- A.ra.shi
- Pika☆☆nchi Double
- Cool & Soul (Tokyo Dome Version)
- Be with you

大野智- Rain
櫻井翔- Can't Let Go
相葉雅紀- Itsuka No Summer
二宮和也- 秘密 (Himitsu)
松本潤- Yabai-Yabai-Yabai

They just got stuck in my head esp. Be with you.

Ended at 12:32

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Merry X'mas Dearest People !!!

Feliz Navidad (X3)
Prosperos Anoy Felizidad
I want to wish you a merry X'mas (X3)
From the bottom of my heart.

my wish of learning jap is gonna be fufilled. Whoot ~~. Going out with Germaine & kirstie tmr to go check out whether are there any courses at Simei. I'm gonna take weekend courses. BUT i want it on a saturday before services so i don't have to spend my sunday. If really cannot find taking after 'o' level.
I told mom about it just now and she's been asking me the same question since then. " Are you serious?" & my answer "Yes, I'm so serious" then she will reply me "Okay!". She asked that for more than 5 times. Yes, Mommy i'm so serious.

i saw XiaoZhu New Gai Ban Album out. I've been thinking of whtr wanting to get the white one OR the black one. Since his Gai Ban Album came out i definetly buying that. BUT one more thing i got to YU GOU the FLH newest album by 4th of Jan. i want the file.
& talking abt File. i still haven't get my Arashi Time Clear File. This is so irratating me. & its currently out of stock.


since i have nothing to do


25 aiba for the birthday boy (:

since i had nothing to do....

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my dearest Aiba
& also happy birthday to Akaisuki
X'mas Eve babies are such a DEAR
25th already(:
Credits: arashi.group.vox.com

Current Mood: Baka
Song for the day: Itsuka No Summer- Arashi (Aiba Solo)

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i hate uploading pics on blog

okay. my fav couple. SakuAiba. this is what i call Einstein Meets Baka. Making Sho the Einstein & Aiba the Baka BUT yet Kawaii~.

When Nino & Sho seperated Nino found Ohno but now Sho found Aiba. Wishing both of them happiness :D

i'm gonna credits all my pic. but i wont exactly post that who i'm going credit cos sometimes i just can't rmbr who i get it from. If its from you the credits goes to you. But sometimes i will post whr i get it from.

Nana, Hachi, Takumi, Nobu, 707


ytd went out with family to eat Bali Thai. i love the green curry, pandan chicken & tom yam soup. i can finally eat Thai food(: 1 down & 3 more to go.
so bought my memory card at Tamp too. 2Gb for $70. i don't even know why i needed 2Gb. but never mind since i bought it already. Put in 135 songs & 100+ pics i think.

So x'mas is coming. its time for the festive season.& its aiba birthday soon. Oguri Birthday soon. & few more days to 2008):
i was actually quite shocked at Aiba new hairstyle while watching FNS. i remember saying that aiba hair look nice with a past pic. the next video i saw him was the haircut which almost look the same. this is somehow getting very eery. but i still like his previous hair (the pic below). its my fav hairstyle of him. so aiba perm is finally gone.

3 more days to Aiba birthday
4 more days to x'mas
5more day to Oguri birthday


i pass 'n' Level (:

next yr sec 5n2. abit old.
girl u are going to be 17.
feeling like a 70 yr old lady already
set my goals for nxt yr already
science i'm not going to afraid of you already.
POA must buck up ler.
i was super shocked my POA got B3 for N lvl.
that is shocking.


went to svc today
Pst really preached a good msg on Zacchariah & Elizabeth
Love is the desire to give unconditionally/unselfishly
It take character to stay upon the mountain of god
From tradition to transistion gives you transformation in life
Transistion challenges us to release things we're familiar with & embrace to the unknown. it enpower us to be flexible and adaptable
People Judge you by the way of your words & they set the limits to how far you go in life
John: Jehova Grace

Everybody is getting sick
praying for myself & vans
bad flu. red nose
Mj has an asthma attack hope his ok now.
So Pictures Express a thousand words
i'm just too lazy too post
MSQ- Xiao Zhu Dance Competition
Yes & i saw xiao Zhu in person
Ohh Baby Baby~ (Song: Bai Gei Ni)


somehow this pic really upset me a lot
it's alright for him to smoke
since i have friends who smoke
somking doesn't make you a bad guy
i know all of the members in arashi smokes
esp ohno & nino
but it's their own life. i'm not going to say stop or whatever
but no matter what i still love them for who they are.

credits to arashian.com
double credits to the person who have it.


sho & diff pics.
taken from photobucket.

he look so cute in this
cosplay tournament in ANS

kawaii ne.

he look freaking hot here
u can see his belly ring
i finally found it.

i'm filled with sho hotness now.


1. Which Johnny band is your favourite? Arashi
2. Why? Because of their friendship and how they cheer people up
3. Who is your favourite Johnny? Sakurai Sho
4. Why? His my type of guy
5. When is your very first contact with a Johnny? Hana Kimi
6. Who was it? Ikuta Toma
7. How did you know him? He look so cute in Hana KImi
8. When actually did you really start listening/liking the JE? July 2006
9. What incident brought you into JE? when i watched hana yori dango
10. Do you have a favourite JE song? i like all of their songs
11. Do you listen to them the most? ya. my comp is just for downloading JE stuff
12. If not, who is your favourite band/artist? Mr Children, B'z, Yui, Mika Nakashima, Angela Aki, Utada Hikaru, Aiko & more..
13. Which band/singer did you listen/like the most before JE? FLH

14. Who is your favourite in Kat-tun? Taguchi Junnosuke
15. Why? His super cute
16. Do you have a favourite song of Kat-tun? Signal & you
17. Do you have a favourite live of Kat-tun? Not really. m.b in music Station
18. Do you have a favourite show appearance of Kat-tun? Cartoon Kat-tun
19. Who do you think can sing the best of Kat-tun? Jin & Kame
20. Who do you think can dance the most of Kat-tun? Kame
21. Who is the girliest of Kat-tun? Ueda.
22. Who is the manliest of Kat-tun? Koki
23. Who is the cutest member of Kat-tun? Junno
24. Who is the funniest member of Kat-tun?Maru
25. Who is the most prettiest in Kat-tun? Ueda
26. Who has the best appearance in Kat-tun? Kame OR Ueda

27. Who is your favourite in NewS? keiichiro
28. Why?his like the mother of news
29. Do you have a favourite song of NewS? weeek
30. Do you have a favourite live of NewS? Not really
31. Do you have a favourite show appearance of NewS? not really
32. Who do you think can sing the best of NewS? Yamap
33. Who do you think can dance the most of NewS? Don know.
34. Who is the girliest of NewS? Yamap
35. Who is the manliest of NewS? Ryo
36. Who is the cutest member of NewS? Keiichiro
37. Who is the funniest member of NewS? Keiichiro
38. Who is the most prettiest in NewS? Yamap
39. Who has the best appearance in NewS? YamaP
40. Do you have a favourite PV of NewS? Cherish

41. Who is your favourite in KanJani8? Nishikido Ryo
42. Why? I like his acting
43. Do you have a favourite song of KanJani8? It's my soul
44. Do you have a favourite live of KanJani8? Not Really
45. Do you have a favourite show appearance of KanJani8? during Music Station with Hey! Say! Jump
46. Who do you think can sing the best of KanJani8? Ryo?
47. Who do you think can dance the most of KanJani8?Don know
48. Who is the girliest of KanJani8? Shingo
49. Who is the manliest of KanJani8? Ryo
50. Who is the cutest member of KanJani8? Ryo
51. Who is the funniest member of KanJani8? Yuu
52. Who is the most prettiest in KanJani8? Shingo
53. Who has the best appearance in KanJani8? Ryo
54. Do you have a favourite PV of KanJani8? It's my soul

55. Who is your favourite in Arashi? Sakurai Sho
56. Why? His my type of guy
57. Do you have a favourite song of Arashi? Almost All
58. Do you have a favourite live of Arashi? Hero during 24hr sp. the one after aiba letter
59. Do you have a favourite show appearance of Arashi? Arashi in ANS
60. Who do you think can sing the best of Arashi? Leader
61. Who do you think can dance the most of Arashi? Leader
62. Who is the girliest of Arashi? Jun
63. Who is the manliest of Arashi? Sho
64. Who is the cutest member of Arashi? Aiba
65. Who is the funniest member of Arashi? All of them
66. Who is the most prettiest in Arashi? Jun
67. Who has the best appearance in Arashi? Jun & Sho
68. Do you have a favourite PV of Arashi? All of them esp. A.ra.shi

-other units-
69. Who is your favourite younger unit? Hey! Say! Jump
70. Who is your favourite older unit? Hikaru Genji
71. Do you have a favourite member of any younger or older unit? Chinen Yuri, Takaki Yuya, Arioka Daiki
72. Do you have a favourite song of any younger or older unit? Hey! Say! by Hey! Say! 7 & Ultra Music Power by Hey! Say! Jump.
73. Do you have a favourite show with any younger or older unit? shounen Club
74. Do you have a favourite live of any younger or older unit? Hey! Say! Jump concert

-Tackey and Tsubasa-
Who is your favourite in Tackey and Tsubasa? Tackey
Why? his cute in his own way
Do you have a favourite song of Tackey and Tsubasa? Ho! Summer,Yume Monogatari & Venus
Do you have a favourite live of Tackey and Tsubasa? Venus in 24hr tv
Who do you think can sing the best of Tackey and Tsubasa? Tsubasa
Who do you think can dance the most of Tackey and Tsubasa? Tsubasa
Who is the girliest of Tackey and Tsubasa? tsubasa
Who is the manliest of Tackey and Tsubasa?tackey
Who is the cutest member of Tackey and Tsubasa? Tackey
Who is the funniest member of Tackey and Tsubasa? Tackey
Who is the most prettiest in Tackey and Tsubasa? tackey
Who has the best appearance in Tackey and Tsubasa? Tsubasa
Do you have a favourite PV of Tackey and Tsubasa? Ho! Summer, Yume Monogatari, & Venus

75. Do you have a favourite actor in JE? Jun, Nino, Jin, Yamap, Kimura, ikuta toma
76. Do you have a favourite dorama starring with one of JE? Gokusen, HYD, Hana Kimi, Yukan Club, 1 litre of tears, Ppoi, YTM
77. What was your very first dorama staring with one of JE? Hana Kimi
78. Which dorama of JE do you watch recently? Yukan Club
79. Which dorama of JE do you want to watch? V no Arashi
80. Who do you wish would should start acting, who hasn't yet? Ohno?
81. Who do you wish should stop acting, because he sucks at acting or he should do something else instead? None of them seriously

-Questions for fun-
82. Do you think that you are JE addicted? yup
83. Why do you think so? if i'm not i won't be doing this
84. What will you do seeing your favourite Johnny standing infront of your door? can we go to the nearest park
85. What advantages does starting liking JE give you? i feel that i want to be as smart as sho
86. What disadvantages does it give you? being addicted to the comp
87. How many times a day do you think about JE? every time of the day
88. How many times do you have the face of your favourite Johnny around you? everyday
89. If your favourite Johnny or your favourite JE has to grant you a wish what would it be? sho can u teach me geog?
90. If you have a wish about JE, what would it be? want to go over to japan & celebrate x'mas with them
91. If you are reborn, you wish to be who? Sho
92. If you are a Johnny's right now, who do you wish you are?Sho
93. If you can ask your favourite Johnny or your favourite JE band a question, what would it be? why Arashi?
94. Did you ever had a dream with a Johnny? yup, with Arashi as the main lead
95. If yes, when was it and what was it? i once had a dream of me joining JE as the only female
96. Do you have any realizable goal in your life that has to do with JE? a trip to JE company
97. Do you like JE BL fanfic? ...
98. If yes, who are the best couple of JE? Ohmiya Sk
99. If you are Johnny-san what would you change about JE? no. i will make fanclub in every country
100. Do you like this survey? ok.

i dlt the one on Smap, tokio, v6 & kinki kids cos i'm just too tired