trap in this of world;
nothing seem to be right;
trying to figure mi way out;
but what i get is nothing.

everything seems to be going unwell. i want to do something and making a great impact in other people life and my life too. its gettin to confused for a anybody to handle. this relationship of you and me is going down this hill. nothing is going to make me smile anymore. even if i smile it tend to be a fake one. a big fat lie that i need to cover up. you are making me lose mi temper. i treat you as one of my fren but i get back is nothing neither do i understand why u are doing this to me. i want a life a real one a movie scene where everything are fix at the correct place. i wan to run away from everything. from this selfish world from this nonsensical world from this torturous world to a world with peace, love, care which can really fill up this empty black deep hole in me. i think mi life needs some changes i been messing it up the way i don wan it to be. i totally have no time management at all.i cant handle everything so well. i expected it to be a disaster cos i myself is in a mood of not knowing myself. i used to be a happy person but what do i get is something that messed up mi whole entire life. i need to vent out this anger this emptiness this angriness and this longing.
when u really realise that u have fallen into a deep love u cant get out of it. NO WAY!!! i don wan it to happen. 4 yrs have pass i been acting that i don like u but wad can i do u are the person who seriously make me go insane the person who light up mi deepest night the person who takes away all mi burden the person who seriously care abt me. but now u are gone u seem to forget everything abt me we act like strangers we cry over each other but in the end everything jux went stupidly messed up. u know it but u don wan own up.u act as nothing happen. u onli care for ureself.whrs the person that i once love so deeply.tears flowing down mi eyes but u don care.U nvr ever care. that was the third time u tell me. now i decide to quietly walk away not wanting to hear a single word frm u. have u ever love me once ? when i am with you i am so close to tears.when i need u,whr are you ?
i hate the INNER ME. everything seems so confused. why mux u come out at first. everything jux come out from my mouth. those words that i don wan hear those things i don wan do. throwing mi books all over the place.i wan this life of mine to be patched up. i wan to change the world if i ever had a chance. this shattered dreams of mine. i take things for granted.

whr are you;
u live me alone to face the darkest side of the world.
hello :D

so many thing to do so little to say.

the class has become super sacarstic and vulgar.Mr koh had a new nick name(: rolexx; 1900 112 rolex rolex. which was funny by the way we say it.

homeworks is making me insane theres like h/w everyday which is never ending. theres afternoon lesson everyday.mon to fri.): yes u are not seeing anything wrong that is seriously the life of a sec 4.
test coming up:
mon: quiz on malaysia map[geog]; test on preparation of salt[chem]
tues: compo test [chi]
thurs: Adjustment on Bal day[POA]

mr yap really make a class united.
a word frm him:
we fight TOGETHER
we fight together to WIN

went to SCH we make so many mistake i really want to kill myself. bus trip we played " gei wo tempo ready go" didnt knew abt the title but ter told me(: thx alot.angus was like i want to play but he didnt want to clap and his chinese is bad.we keeping on talking abt display.
note for angus:
Valentine is in 3 wks time(:
is going to be the second month of the year and everything pass so fast
ending with a great big smile((:
and the bright light turn to night;
until the dawn it brings;
another day to sing abt the magic;
that was you and me.


Hello :D
ending with a big smile(:


i love the main singer he is super duper cute. Pst tan really preach a very awesome msg. I WANT TO BE A NEW SINGAPOREAN NOT A OLD SINGAPOREAN.
- Socially responsible
- Innovative
- Nett giver
- Globalised
- Advanced
- Problem solver
- Oppotrunity seeking
- Resilient
- Educated
- Adaptibility
- Nation Conscious
I met a new friend yesterday. His name is joel. His frm loyang secondary(:
Super happy. Eugene is in city harvest church officially and now going to tae bible lesson(: Seah Hui is the best(:


why do school love to change the timetable every term change feel a little bit irritated.=x
working duper hard tis yr but don realli have the concentration so seriously.will be one tough year for me every thing is so serious. So much things to do this yr. teachers been saying abt n lvl make me confused. woops forget to tell everybody teachers for the subject. arh cant wait.
Form Teacher: Mr Anthony Tan
Co-Form Teacher: Mr Seah
Chemistry: Mr Anthony Tan
Geography: Miss Ku
Social Studies: Mr Benson Tay
English: Miss Shiow
Maths: Mr Koh
P.E: Mr Preston Tay
POA: Mdm Zaibon
F&N: Mss Rafidah
Chinese: Mr Seah
Love this yr's one except for some. So many afternoon Lessons. Fustration. Got more to do in welfare committe than last yr. it was like practically slacking the whole yr. this yr gt so many things to prepare. instead of natalie the leader is jian le. and seriously ii am so not a very good person to organize things so jian le jia you !!!!!!!
SYF i hate you !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zodiac u are really giving me a tough time !!!!! Sunrise u are okay but some parts you are too boring and i hate the solo part !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but at least you are still better then safari.
ending with a confused smile =x


Hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everything has been going quite smoothly for me the 1st weekend of 2007 just pass so quickly and I was totally enjoying it cos I still cldnt really get back frm mi lovely holiday mood. My whole section now really know who I like and it was even not meant for them to know. Never mind since I knew angus and wanping nxt target grace haha. Okay seriously I intend to tell only 2 people but maybe there no need for it since they don noe who. But my section esp grace was like is it the wad wad wad. She finally knew how he look like.
I love mi section so much
Bass Clarinet and Basson rox. They are mii small kids little dearest and little juniors. I love them to bits and pieces. I know it sounds mushy but bear with me just for this moment. My dear section you made life more fun than ever for me (: they know the biggest secrets so u all 3 better Shut Up. Don say I nvr warn you
Ending with a big smile (:


Yes i finally get to have like some cousins outing but without everybody and is onli like zhiyong micheal jerry and me pathetic. Yenting cldnt go cos she was sick and i miss her badly and reall bad she bought lots of chocolate from germany and yes it alot.
Billy Bomber i love you
yes it was quite a nice place to eat and micheal had a discount which was buy 1 get 1 free he and jerry gt the burger while and me and zhiyong gt the fish and chips it was large super large and i ordered mii spider if u all don noe wad is it its actually Coke or sprite with a scoope of ice-cream. Ordered coke with chocolate icecream they were like wierd and shldnt it be with vanilla ice cream and i was like arh they totally forgotten i don take vanilla they pip-squid. yes i cldnt eat finish mii fish and chips cos it was big real bigg but seriously mii spider tasted nice.
Came back home gt 1 germany ferrero roche and i gt the almond one actually wanted to try the coconut but i don tink it will taste nice. ): managed to do mii eng h/w done.
killing ss to pieces.
ending with a big smile(:


2 good news to share with you all 1 good 1 bad

will be missing the fun. all funn):
ending with a small smile(:
liting love them



School has reopened ):
1st day of sch got band sians ):
tmr will be cca orientation and no cg for the nxy 2wks so sad. cant wait too see the new sec1 heard from those peeps out there that this yr sec 1 are SHORT. REAL SHORT =x yes yr by yr past and peeps are getting shorter and shorter. PIP-SQUID.
1st day of school was quite a fine one but hate it whn the teachers go N level and on and on. Grr.cant stand them but they still care for us (: too many things to get prepared for. will be starting mii prelims in Aug everything is happening to fast and N level is here cant stand it. =.= quite sastisfied with what the school arrange and those form teacher we still get back MRTAN (: YIPEE !! had to go our welfare thing in class.Mr tan said had to go for at least 4 outings in this yr and every mnth mux celeb bdae so will be going to be one fun yr.JianLe become the new welfare head(: heard smth SHOCkING
SYF u are killing me.=x Zodiac, Limit for the Lion and Sunrise. Band Prac onlii did Sunrise + go thru the pieces playing for tmr. BUSY DAY AGAIN !!
ending with a big smile ((:


pip-sqid !!!!!!!!!!.
miss the old times whn we always love to snatch that old gameboy and play SUPERMARIO(:
this coming yr will be great yr for all of us. YES !! no more natural disaster. its going to be one great joy of excitement coming our way and don forget our STUDIES !! will be studying more this year its going to be a major exam for me and yess everybody lets PLAY HARD WORK HARD !!!
ticker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
banghui !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yenting will be back this fri (x zhiyong will be gone on sun )x wont be seeing them and no more fun words):
ending with a big smile((:
1 more day to school reopening ):